Secure Online Payments

2017 October 19

The newest version of the Chrome browser will flag sites as not secure if they do not use the https protocol. If you're using Chrome, you may see a warning that this website is not secure because it uses standard http. That does not make my site insecure - is that the right word? :)

If you purchase from Sonrise Stable, when you reach the portion of the checkout process where you enter the payment, you're automatically switched to a payment processor website which uses https. Your payment information is totally secure (Paypal or 2Checkout). This is the way many ecommerce websites work. In fact Sonrise Stable never sees your payment information at all.

There is no need for the regular pages on this site to have the https security level, since no confidential information is requested on them. If you have any questions or concerns about payments, please contact me.

Below is a screen capture of the 2Checkout Payment page you would see if you choose that payment method. You can see that the payment is not made on the Sonrise Stable site, but on a secure page. If you choose to pay via Paypal, it works the same way.

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