Sonrise Stable Companion Guides

2020 October 21

After a move in 2020, I'm finally becoming productive again. What I hope to have completed soon are two activity books to accompany the Sonrise Stable series.

My initial thought was one book for the entire series, but there is too much content, so there will be two volumes. The first will cover books 1 through 5, and the second will cover 6 through 10. The books will be spiral bound, so readers can write and draw right in the books.

sonrise stable books companion guide

What will the first Companion Guide pack contain?

  • Original, color horse stickers that may be placed in the book or elsewhere.
  • Two full-color, 11 x 17 pages showing horse coat colors
  • Horse greeting cards
  • Illustrated Scripture - the theme of each book is based on a Bible verse. Readers are encouraged to memorize the verses in their favorite translation. An illustrated version of that verse is included to help with memorization.
  • Equine drawing lessons for each book, again with space to draw right along with illustrator Janet Griffin-Scott.
  • Additional horse information and activities such as coat colors, the parts of the bridle, saddle, horse, etc.
  • Horse Madlibs
  • Questions from the back of the book with room to answer them.
  • Book summary pages - readers will rate each book using a scale of 1 to 10 horseshoes and answer questions about that book such as their favorite part, character, animal, etc. 
  • All new art lessons for books 7 & 8. Lesson 7 covers the gaits - walk, trot, and canter. In Lesson 8, readers practice drawing a donkey. (These will be in the second volume)
christian horse guidebook

It will be fun for young readers to keep the activity guides and review them when they are older!

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* Update 2/17/21 - I had a brainstorm for an addition to these guides. Almost finished with the new project and should have these available in a few weeks.

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