Sonrise Stable FAQs

Some of the answers below will reveal parts of the books. If you don't want to spoil the story lines, don't read these.

Do you have ebook versions of the books?

Yes. Ebook versions in .mobi (Kindle) and .epub (Nook, Sony Reader) are available on the bookstore page.

I downloaded the ebook files. What in the world do I do with them?

Take a look at this page for instructions for adding the ebook files to the most popular ebook readers.

Are the events in the books true?

Many of the events really happened and most of the animals are real or based on real animals we had/have. They may be a combination of animals, in some cases. For specific details on the animals and people the stories are based on, check out Meet the Characters.

Are the books only for girls?

Not necessarily. It has been our family's experience that horse activities involve many more females than males. I'm the mother of three daughters and no sons. We belong to a 4-H club where all the advisors and a good percentage of the members are female. Many of the judges at our shows are females also. Since I am writing from my own experience, there are a large number of female characters in the books, however Rosie's father plays an increasingly strong role in the series, as well as her cousin, Jared, and Billy King.

Is there any objectionable material?

As a conservative homeschool mother, I always scrutinized and filtered out a lot of the reading material available to my daughters as they were growing up. One of my purposes in creating this series is to provide good, wholesome fiction for horse-crazy children. There is no swearing, no divorce, no alcohol or drug use, and no boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. The children are polite and respectful to their elders. Since we homeschooled in real life, I wanted that to play an important role in the series. The main character, Rosie, and her cousins are homeschooled.

Do any horses die in the books?

In Rosie and Scamper, a pony dies. I do not plan to have any other horses, or any people, die. Because of the circumstances of the pony's death, the grandmother in the book uses it to help her granddaughter, Rosie, understand that Christ died for our salvation. A major point of this book is to make Christ's death more understandable for children.

The death is not dwelled on or graphically described. Many children have pets that die. It is a traumatic experience for them, as well as for many adults. The book stresses how God created each animal and loves them as much, or more, than we do. Although I personally believe we will see our animals again in heaven, that topic is not addressed in the book.

My belief that animals will be in heaven, along with supporting scriptures, is explained on the Christian Cowgirl website.

What do you do when you're not writing books?

I am the grandmother character in the books, however I'm still waiting on my first grandchild. All three of my daughters graduated from high school, as homeschoolers, the youngest in 2011. I enjoy trail riding my Rocky Mountain mare, Nikki, photography, hiking, and playing guitar. I am also a web designer, computer programmer, and teach online homeschool courses at Landry Academy.