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Sonrise Stable Companion Guides

Two activity books are available full of horsey info and activities to accompany the Sonrise Stable series of Christian horse books.

Ellie Holcomb Books Review

As a grandmother, I've been on the lookout for good, Christian books for toddlers. I really like these two books by Ellie Holcomb—and so does my granddaugher!

Cute Scholastic Animal Book - Not!

I bought a cute (so I thought) touch and feel animal book for my granddaughter. Then I had a closer look. :(

Book Banning!

Dangerous Sonrise Stable and other horse books banned by Facebook!

Horses and Homeschoolers Magazine Article

Check out my article, Horses and Homeschoolers, in the Winter 2020 issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine!

Barron Trump's Mongolian Horse

I wasn't aware that Barron Trump was a rider or even liked horses. Regardless, in July of 2019, he was given a Mongolian horse as a gesture of good will.

History on Horseback Vol. 1 Activity Guide

The activity guide for History on Horseback Volume 1 is now available. Loose-leaf format.

Spring Cleaning 2020

Toby was due for some spring cleaning. He got a haircut (bridle path), detangling session, manicure, and a start on removing his shaggy winter coat!

The Procrastinating Writer

I wanted the final book to be the best of the series. A natural followup to book 9, the theme is the 2nd greatest commandment - to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Mustang Training

Remember Hannah and Dusty from Outward Appearances? The real -ife Hannah is training a BLM Mustang to compete in the Mustang Challenge at Equine Affaire.

In My Distress

In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God.

As Ye Would Have Men Do to You

As Ye Would Have Men Do to You

Kid Riding Pony

Human kids aren't the only ones who enjoy riding ponies. :)

Pony Door

Oops, sorry Mom!

Pony For Sale Ad

Although this is obviously an attempt at humor, unfortunately there's too much truth in this photo.

Cute Little Cowboys

Two little cowboys cute beyond words!

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