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Top 10 Horse Movies

See the top 10 grossing horse movies as well as a list of my top 10 favorites.

Big Spender

Eddie Burton has spent much of his young life in prison, and Big Spender, a reject from the race track, are given second chances in this inspiring movie.

Every Second Counts

Have you ever heard of team penning? Ever seen a movie about it? Brooke is torn between wanting her dad to be proud of her and her desire to become a veterinarian.


Ben Crane is influenced by his daughter, Cale to buy a filly after she breaks a leg during a race. Rehabilitating the horse, SoƱador, brings the family together.

Derby Stallion, The

Patrick quits baseball and has Houston (an alcoholic) train him to be a steeplechase rider to compete against the spoiled, rich son of a nearby stable owner.


Twelve-year-old Janie works at Longvue Stables and adores Pat, the riding instructor. Janie clashes with her mother and resents Mike, the man her mother is seeing.

By Dawns Early Light

While his parents take a cruise, Mike, a spoiled and selfish teen, is sent to a Colorado ranch to stay on a ranch with the grandfather he hasn't seen in years.

Black Beauty Miniseries

This adaptation of Black Beauty is set in the U.S., Maryland in 1880. It loses a lot by replacing British accents with southern drawls.

Black Beauty Animated Version

On the positive side, much of Beauty's monolog and his conversation with other horses are taken straight from Sewell's text. 

Black Beauty

Things are changed from the book for no apparent reason. Sewell's references to Christianity are removed. Some things just struck me as silly and out of character.

8 Seconds

Apparently, Lane Frost was an incredible young man, but the movie makers, rather than sticking to the facts, felt they needed to add conflict and drama. 

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