Sonrise Stable Horse Articles

Writing a Horse Devotional

What is a Christian horse devotional? Are there Christian and non-Christian horses? Do horses "speak" to us, revealing secret insights from God? 

Sonrise Stable Writing Lessons

Write what you love, and you'll love to write! This video course includes information and techniques I've learned while writing the Sonrise Stable series.

Cute Scholastic Animal Book - Not!

I bought a cute (so I thought) touch and feel animal book for my granddaughter. Then I had a closer look. :(

Horses and Homeschoolers Magazine Article

Check out my article, Horses and Homeschoolers, in the Winter 2020 issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine!

The Procrastinating Writer

I wanted the final book to be the best of the series. A natural followup to book 9, the theme is the 2nd greatest commandment - to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

When Fiction Becomes Real

The day my foster daughter arrived, I was launched into a world out of my comfort zone. She'd seen and experienced things no child her age should have to endure.

My Pony Toby's Encounter With a Bobcat

My pony, Toby, that I bought from an Amish auction, a year ago encountered a bobcat this morning. He was very frightened, and ran around the field in a panic.

Secrets to Great Writing

Oops! My secret is out now! I'll confess - I've had some help writing the Sonrise Stable series - a ghost writer.

Author Interview With Amanda Tero

Amanda Tero, a talented, homeschooled author and musician, reviewed the Sonrise Stable series on her blog, With a Joyful Noise.

Writing a Christmas Story

One of my favorite traditions when my daughters were still at home was reading Christmas books or stories aloud. As they grew older, that became harder to do—

Christian Writer or a Christian Who Writes?

I returned from a Christian writing conference, feeling discouraged. I'd anticipated learning new ways to communicate God’s truths more creatively and effectively. 

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