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2019 September 10
8 Seconds movie review Lane Frost

This movie is based on the life of Lane Frost, a world champion bull rider who was killed by a bull at the age of twenty-five.

Lane's parents said if people remembered one thing about Lane they wanted it to be "that he was a kind person and knew Jesus." Apparently, Lane was an incredible young man, but the movie makers, rather than sticking to the facts of his life, felt they needed to add conflict and drama. Lane's Christian faith is never mentioned in the movie.

The family's website contains factual information about Lane. 


This movie is not family friendly. There is a lot of swearing, including taking God's name in vain, bar room scenes, drunkenness, and sexual scenes/jokes. Both Lane and his wife commit adultery in the movie, although that never happened in real life.

The movie portrays a strained relationship between Lane and his father. In the movie, Lane's father is never satisfied with his son's accomplishments, which leads to rage on Lane's part that he takes out emotionally on his wife. Apparently, that was totally untrue, and his father and mother were his greatest supporters.

Overall, I was greatly disappointed with 8 Seconds, but impressed with Lane when I learned the truth about him.

Videos of the real Lane Frost

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Ratings are 1 to 5 (1=worst, 5=best)

My Rating for the Movie: 2
Equine Realism: 4
MPAA Rating: PG 13
Time (minutes): 104
Year: 1994

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