Black Beauty Animated Version

2019 September 16
cartoon black beauty review

On the positive side, much of Beauty's monolog and his conversation with other horses are taken straight from Sewell's text. Several scenes that are absent from the Warner Brothers' movie are included here, like the ride for the doctor and the neglect by Alfred Smirk.

However, the movie is far too condensed to do the story justice and some unnecessary, drastic departures from the story line, along with the low-quality art and animation, make it a poor adaptation.

Strangely enough, Reuben Smith, who dies in the book, does not die in this film, but Jerry Barker, who does not die in the book, dies in the movie. Smith even comes back later in the film, purchases Beauty and deliberately overworks him to get even.

Black Beauty's mother is supposed to have left him with these words of wisdom, "Do your best and leave the rest. 'Twill all come right some day or night." Those words are repeated at the end of the movie, but in the book were actually said by Polly to her husband, Jerry, the cab driver.

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Ratings are 1 to 5 (1=worst, 5=best)

My Rating for the Movie: 2
Equine Realism: 3
MPAA Rating: NR
Time (minutes): 47
Year: 1978

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