By Dawns Early Light

2019 September 20
by dawns early light horse movie review

While his parents take a six-week cruise, Mike, a spoiled and selfish teen, is sent to a Colorado ranch to stay with the grandfather he hasn't seen in years . Mike is rude and disrespectful to both his parents and grandfather. He's constantly plugged in to something - music, tv, or video games.

When the grandfather, Ben Maxwell, has had all he can take of Mike's rebellious attitude and destructive pranks, he agrees to take him home, but they will travel the 800 miles back to Los Angeles on horseback. Without giving away too much of the story, I'll just say that Mike is forever changed by the journey.

There is one part of the movie where a horse is seriously injured that seems very improbable and out of place, but other than that, the horse scenes are realistic and the movie has a great message.


No profanities. Mike shown in boxer shorts. A girl kisses Mike in a restaurant. Some gambling on a hot pepper eating contest. Overall, it's pretty mild and family friendly.

I think this is still available on Amazon - By Dawns Early Light.

Ratings are 1 to 5 (1=worst, 5=best)

My Rating for the Movie: 4
Equine Realism: 3
MPAA Rating: NR
Time (minutes): 102
Year: 2002

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