Book 7: Rejoice With Me

With the excitement of summer camps over, Rosie and Carrie work to get their horses in shape for the state 4-H competitive trail ride. The girls are surprised to learn that Abigail, the arrogant new boarder at Sonrise Stable, is also entered in the race. Can Scamper and Zach keep up with her flashy Arabian? How much is Rosie willing to risk in order to beat Abigail and win the competition?


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Equine Art Lesson

To draw horses accurately, you need to make sure the positioning of their legs at the various gaits is accurate. Draw horses at the walk, trot, and canter in this lesson.

draw horse gaits accurately

Scriptural Theme

The theme of Rejoice With Me relates to the parables Jesus gave us in Luke 15.

rejoice with me Luke 15

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Rejoice With Me Overview

Overview of Book 7 in which Rosie and Carrie participate in a competitive trail ride.

State 4-H Trail Ride

The 2010 Ohio state 4-H trail ride was held Sept. 17 & 18 at the AEP ReCreation Land outside of McConnelsville, Ohio. This video shows the different aspects involved in the competition and how it is judged. There are two divisions - Junior and Senior. The Seniors ride two loops, approximately 18 to 20 miles. Juniors ride one loop of about 8 miles. 

How to Tie a Quick Release Knot

This is a safety knot that's recommended for tying your horse.

Bridge Crossing on Trail Ride

Crossing a long bridge at Pairie Oaks Metro Park. I love the sound of the hooves on the wooden timbers. The horse is my Rocky Mountain mare, Nikki.

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