Following the Narrow Path: Devotions From the World of Horses

Horses, one of God’s most magnificent creations, offer many insights into the nature of our Creator as well as our relationship to Him. This full-color, Christian devotional features a variety of stories, drawn from my experiences with our horses and Sassy, a lovable but cantankerous mule. Other famous, and not-so-famous, horses help illustrate scriptural principles.

The truths of the Bible can be understood intellectually, but those truths are more fully absorbed through life experiences that shed additional light on them and drive them deeper into our hearts.

Jesus often used everyday objects or animals in His teaching, making the stories more memorable. I can’t think of a better equine illustration of the transformation described in 2 Corinthians 5:17 than a horse called Snowman.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!”

You’ll find Snowman’s story in chapter sixty-three.

In Matthew 7:14, Jesus made it clear that the path leading to eternal life is narrow, and there are few who find it. Following the Narrow Path’s 70 horse-themed devotions will provide encouragement for believers to find, and remain, on that path.

The book is suitable for twelve to adult or could be used as a read-aloud to younger, horse-crazy Christians. 

Initially, I had planned to add journal pages to the book, but as the content grew, I realized it wouldn't work. You can interact with the devotional by using a notebook or journal. Add any thoughts, questions, or comments in the section below.

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Preview the first six chapters in PDF format.


Table of Contents

  1. Why this Obsession with Horses?
  2. The Secret of Contentment
  3. Parable of the Pink Jacket
  4. The Best Gift
  5. Sacrifice—Jet’s Story
  6. Kingdom of Darkness
  7. Walk Your Horses
  8. Stumbling and Falling
  9. Clothed With Thunder
  10. Chestnuts
  11. A Mother’s Love
  12. Twins
  13. Beautiful Saddles
  14. Body Parts
  15. Stables and Churches
  16. Sight and Eyes
  17. Blind Faith
  18. Sleepy Tom
  19. Blind Horses
  20. Hearing and Ears
  21. Sleep and Sloth
  22. Evil Cold
  23. Horse Aromas
  24. Cleanliness Next to Godliness?
  25. Hungry as a Horse
  26. Old Age
  27. The Sacrifices of God
  28. Rainbow Bridge
  29. Idolatry
  30. Following a Pattern
  31. Handicap Races
  32. Enlarge My Heart
  33. The First Shall Be Last
  34. Candy and Frosty
  35. Monkey See Monkey Do
  36. Follow Our Leader
  37. Meekness
  38. Train Up a Child
  39. God is Love
  40. Pressure and Release
  41. Spurs
  42. Phobias
  43. Diving Horses
  44. Untamable
  45. Boots and Bibles
  46. The Mocker
  47. Soring Horses
  48. The Way
  49. Fork in the Trail
  50. Circuit Riders
  51. Horse Thieves
  52. Buyer Beware
  53. A Sucker Born Every Minute?
  54. Plan B
  55. Mind Reading
  56. Donkeys
  57. Mules
  58. Mule Training?
  59. My Patience Professor
  60. Perseverance
  61. Not Like the Horse or Mule
  62. The Thrill of Victory
  63. Transformed
  64. Who’s Serving Whom?
  65. Pecking Order
  66. War Horses
  67. The Same Forever
  68. Left Behind
  69. Four Horses
  70. White Horses
  71. Bible Study Resources
  72. Chapter Notes and Credits


Preview the first six chapters in PDF format.


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