History on Horseback Activity Guide

History on Horseback Volume 1 Activity Guide

Welcome History Prospectors!

When my family homeschooled, we sometimes became bogged down with curriculum that presented so much additional work, it turned into drudgery. Too often, we ended up abandoning it altogether. That is the furthest thing from my mind in creating this guide.

As I researched the first HOH book, I was struck by the parallels between gold mining and my search for “treasure” in the form of interesting historical information. I hope HOH readers enjoy that experience as well—by researching and discovering gold nuggets of your own. You learn more and retain information longer when you put your own effort and creativity into a subject.

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What's Included?

  • 125 loose-leaf pages - insert these into a 1" to 1.5" 3-ring binder of your choosing (binder is not included with purchase). The loose-leaf pages permit students to insert their own writing or creations wherever desired.
  • Additional historical photographs.
  • Additional facts and information.
  • Maps and Activity Sheets.
  • Information about related resources such as books, videos, and websites.
  • Questions and Writing Topics.
  • More horses - meet Cruiser, Fly, Jack, and others.
  • Blank horses to color to match historical or fictional horses.
  • Blank horse-themed writing pages.
  • Blank maps.

Suggested Approach

  • Create a notebook based on the topics in History on Horseback. This might be a physical notebook, scrapbook, a computer document, slideshow, or video.
  • Record your thoughts and opinions as you learn about the horses, people, and events. Add any additional discoveries or details about the historical context.
  • Respond to the writing suggestions for each chapter in the form of short answers, paragraphs, stories, or even a book if you’re feeling ambitious! Don’t feel you have to answer every question. They are merely prompts to get you thinking.
  • The activity pages at the back of this book serve as a launch pad for your own creative ways to summarize what you’ve learned.
  • A variety of outline horse images are included. Color them to match particular horses from history or horses invented for your creative stories.
  • Include photos, drawings, timelines, lapbook-patterned mini books, etc. The Library of Congress, WikiMedia, and local libraries or historical societies are good resources for copyright-free images.
  • History and geography are closely connected, making it effective to study them together. Everything that happened, happened somewhere! Blank maps are included so you may locate, and in some cases, trace the route of events. Consider creating a master map containing all the horses and/or topics from History on Horseback Volume I.

Use your imagination to make this project uniquely yours.

You’re not limited to the questions I’ve included. Creativity is encouraged!

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