Sonrise Stable Horse Book Series

The Sonrise Stable series contains heartwarming stories of an extended homeschooling family as they live, learn, and love together. Mixing adventure, life lessons, and realistic horse experiences, the series is a must for readers who enjoy family values, Christian faith, and, of course, horses!

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The series is a great read on its own. If you'd like to extend the experience, check out the Companion Guides for the Sonrise Stable series for activities and additional horse information.

The books are available for purchase individually or save by buying combo packs of 2, 4, 5, or the entire series.

1 - Rosie and Scamper

While learning to ride at Sonrise Stable, nine-year-old Rosie dreams of the horse shows she will win with her pony, Jet. Two years later, nothing is exactly the way Rosie planned it—she's riding a new pony, Scamper, and learning that life isn't always easy. But it's as Rosie reaches out to the new girl next door that she truly begins to see that God works all things together for good in our lives.

Learn to draw Scamper with a drawing lesson by equine artist, Janet Griffin-Scott. The book also includes questions at the back of the book for discussion or journaling.

Rosie and Scamper is available in full as a free ebook for readers to preview the series.

2 - Carrie and Bandit

Carrie can’t believe it—she has a horse of her own and is only weeks away from being adopted by the most loving family she’s ever known. But Bandit is harder to manage than she first imagined—and the adoption might not go as smoothly as she thought either. When a bad decision jeopardizes everything, Carrie learns what it means to be forgiven and truly loved.

Learn to draw Sassy the mule with a drawing lesson by the illustrator, Janet Griffin-Scott. The book includes discussion questions at the back of the book.

3 - Clothed With Thunder

After sitting through a 4-H demonstration on the evolution of the horse, Rosie and Carrie are determined to present the arguments for creation at the club’s next meeting. The demonstration proves harder to put together than they imagined as everyone offers the girls their opinions. The lessons Rosie learns about creation extend into her life in surprising ways as she faces an old adversary, Billy King, who cheated her out of her first trophy with her pony, Scamper.   

The equine drawing lesson focuses on drawing horses' eyes, the largest eyes of any land mammal..Discussion questions are included in the back of the book. 

4 - Tender Mercies

When Rosie, Carrie, and Grandma are asked to help out at Last Chance Corral, a horse and foal rescue, Rosie is shocked when she experiences firsthand how cruel some people can be to animals. During the week at Last Chance, the girls learn that the God who knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, works through the kindness of others to provide for the animals He created. For the foals, and the girls, Last Chance Corral is a life-changing experience.

In the horse art lesson, learn to draw a foal. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book. 

5 - Outward Appearances

When the first boarders arrive, Rosie realizes helping to run the family stable will be more difficult than she anticipated. The extra horses and work aren’t the problem however; it’s one of the boarders that Rosie can’t get along with.

When Grandma explains 1 Samuel 16:7 to the girls, Rosie struggles to see how the verse applies. It takes that annoying boarder, a special horse, and an extreme race to teach Rosie that while man looks at outward appearances, God looks at the heart.

This book's art lesson shows how to draw a shaggy pony. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book.

6 - Follow Our Leader

Rosie can’t wait for The Great Adventure—the family’s first summer camp at Sonrise Stable! However the week presents several unanticipated challenges with the possibility of losing old friends—human and equine, becoming a role model to a rambunctious young camper, and facing persecution from an unexpected source.

Through it all, Rosie learns valuable lessons about following Christ, whether His path leads to the mountaintop or through a valley.

In the equine art lesson, learn to draw horses from a rear view. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book.

7 - Rejoice With Me

With the excitement of summer camps over, Rosie and Carrie work to get their horses in shape for the state 4-H competitive trail ride. The girls are surprised to learn that Abigail, the arrogant new boarder at Sonrise Stable, is also entered in the race.

Can Scamper and Zach keep up with her flashy Arabian? How much is Rosie willing to risk in order to beat Abigail and win the competition?

The art lesson focuses on drawing horses at the walk, trot, and canter with accurate positioning of their legs. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book.

8 - Operation Christmas Spirit

A rascally pony, two run-down carts, and a pile of moldy harness seemed like a strange start to a journey full of ups and downs that led Rosie to the most meaningful Christmas of her life. But looking back, she knew it all began that fall day at the livestock auction.

When Billy King asks questions about the biblical Christmas story, his curiosity inspires Rosie and the other children to dive into Scripture for the answers. Together they come up with a secret plan for a unique Christmas celebration—Operation Christmas Spirit.

Learn to draw a cute donkey in this book's horse art lesson. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book.

9 - With All You Are

Sometimes, real-life events make Scripture sink deeper into our hearts than any sermon or Sunday school class. Rosie couldn’t have imagined that bull riding, a kind Amish family, and a mystery involving five Saddlebred horses would help her come to truly understand the commandment Jesus called the greatest: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.”

Learn to draw a rodeo bronc horse in this book's art lesson. Discussion questions are included in the back of the book.

10 - Love Your Neighbor

In this exciting conclusion to the Sonrise Stable series, Rosie does her best to obey the command Jesus called the second greatest. Love your neighbor as yourself.

When she faces a mysterious new adversary, Rosie discovers it's harder to keep that command than she'd imagined. And the reappearance of an old rival who is determined to beat Rosie in Sonrise Stable's Ride & Tie race makes things even more complicated.

Includes discussion questions and an art lesson on drawing cartoon horses.

Sonrise Stable Companion Guides

These activity books supplement the Sonrise Stable books. The first guide covers books 1 through 5. The second covers 6 through 10. The books are spiral bound, so readers can write and draw right in the books. It will be fun for young readers to keep the activity guides and review them when they are older!

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