Horsestory Volume I: The Early Years

* I've finished the updates to this book. The 2nd edition should be available by the end of May 2024.

If horses could type—what a book they might write!

Since they can’t (type), I decided to write the books for them.

The Horsestory series highlights the diverse roles horses played over the years, and, when available, relates the stories of specific animals. This first volume begins with horses' arrival in America and continues through the Civil War.

The series is very visual with many historical photos. It's an enjoyable read for those who love horses or history.

Test your Horsestory IQ.

  • What horse was worshipped as a weather god?
  • How old was the horse who lived longer than any other?
  • How does the expression "arriving with bells on" relate to horses?
  • George Washington was our first president. What else was he first at?
  • What horse was instrumental in rescuing people from shipwrecks?
  • What did horses have to do with bathing machines?
  • How were ponies used in coal mines?
  • Were horses used when traveling the Oregon Trail?
  • What were "young skinny orphans" needed for?
  • What horses did John Wilkes Booth use in his escape?

In Horsestory Volume I: The Early Years, you’ll not only find the stories listed above but many more—nearly 300 pages of ways horses collaborated with humans to achieve incredible things.

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horsestory volume I

Paperback, 8.5x11, 284 pages with b&w illustrations

ISBN: 978-1733391221

Age range: ‎ 12 to adult (there isn't anything objectionable in the content, this is just an estimate based on reading ability and interest level)

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Horsestory Volume I

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Horsestory I Study Guide
PDF - part 1

Table of Contents - Horsestory Volume I: The Early Years

  1. Arrival in America
  2. The Weather God
  3. Thoroughbred Family Tree
  4. Old Billy
  5. Eclipsing the Competition
  6. Delivering the Good News
  7. Arriving With Bells On
  8. A Midnight Ride
  9. Independence
  10. First in the Heart of His Mules?
  11. Morgan’s Figure
  12. All Men Are Created Equal
  13. Lewis & Clark
  14. Marengo & Napoleon
  15. Copenhagen at Waterloo
  16. The Dream Horse
  17. Cabriolet
  18. School Buses
  19. Funeral Horses
  20. Horses Making House Calls
  21. Special Delivery
  22. Milk Delivery
  23. Down on the Farm
  24. Andrew Jackson
  25. Sea Rescues
  26. Romanis
  27. Bathing Machines
  28. The Wooly Horse
  29. Hambletonian
  30. Speedy Mares
  31. Horse Thieves
  32. The Untamable Horse
  33. Livery Stables
  34. Horse Boats
  35. Along the Tow Path
  1. More Powerful Than A Locomotive?
  2. Mass Transportation
  3. Ponies in the Pits
  4. Pit Pony Care and Training
  5. Pit Ponies at Work
  6. Mining in Other Areas
  7. The Whitman Mission
  8. Trail Preparations
  9. Horses, Mules, or Oxen?
  10. Seeing the Elephant
  11. Four-time Trail Traveler
  12. Forty-Niners
  13. Fifty-Niners
  14. Brighty of the Grand Canyon
  15. Jack Packer
  16. Faster Than A Speeding Burro
  17. Old Whitey
  18. Stagecoach Travel
  19. Wells Fargo & Co.
  20. Black Bart
  21. Young, Skinny Orphans Wanted
  22. Old Bob
  23. Old Douglas
  24. The Cavalry
  25. Life in the Cavalry
  26. Millions of Brave War Horses
  27. Military Mishaps
  28. Union Horses
  29. Confederate Horses
  30. Clarintha Draper
  31. White House Stable Fire
  32. Chasing the Assassin
  33. Buffalo Soldiers
  34. Beautiful Jim Key—Book 2 Preview

FREE PDF Study Guide for Horsestory Volume I

This is a free download, but it's designed to be used with the print book, so it won't be terribly useful without that. This PDF is purely optional. If you'd rather just read the book without it, you won't need this file.

Feel free to copy the pages for use within your own family. I include my suggestions for usage at the beginning. Each chapter contains:

  • Questions for writing or discussion
  • Online resources containing links to relevant articles, photos, and videos (Use your own discretion/supervision here. The links in the pdf are clickable, but I can't guarantee that the content hasn't changed since I viewed it. I suggest a parent preview and select appropriate resources.)
  • Related information when available
  • Print resources when available
  • The Appendix contains:
    • Suggestions for supplemental history texts if desired
    • Historical fiction lists
    • Video sites
    • Sources for public domain images
    • An overview timeline (in list format) from the explorers to modern times
    • A chronological list of U.S. presidents including their years in office, vice president, and if their term ended early
    • Presidential thumbnail images
    • Western-themed writing pages
    • A variety of outline horses to color to match the horses in the book.

Horsestory I Study Guide PDF - part 1


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